LMI Series E Metering Pump is designed for use in hazardous environments.


Roytronic Series A Metering Pump have available range for application up to 250 PSI with capacities 0.001 & 2.0 GPH.


LMI Series B Metering Pumps have available range for application up to 150 PSI with capacities max. output 7.0 GPH.


LMI Series C Metering Pumps have been an industry standard for over 20 years


The Series P Metering pump is design for more econmical chemical injection.



The DC4000 conductivity controller may be programmed as a bleed & feed cooling tower controller or boiler controller



The DC4500 conductivity controller is a bleed & cooling tower controller with dual biocide timers. Standard features include (Feed & Bleed, % of Time, % of Bleed, Flow Meter Pulse) modes type.


The DP5000 ph controller is designed for a variety of industrial pH applications including water treatment, PCB manufacturing and waste treatment


Our standard range of agitator with fractional horsepower motor to fit LMI 35 & 50 gallon tanks. Impeller are epoxy coated stainless steel for mixture wide variety of chemicals.


Preventive Maintenance & Spare Parts Kits are available for all LMI Metering Pump range. Serve as recomended parts routine preventive maintenance


Digi-Pulse Flow Monitor help monitored pulsating flow of your pump and designed to electrically signal a low flow or no flow condition. To assured of your pumping performance.


LMI Chemical Storage Tanks are available in 10, 35 & 50 gallon sizes. All tank have a molded in recess for an LMI Metering Pump


G Series Diaphragm metering pump is designed for durability and cost effectiveness.



The mRoy series of metering pumps are available in several different model to meet demands of application with optimum performance & efficiency.


Primeroyal Series metering pump are design to operate in extreme conditions & provide accurate dosing more than 15,000 l/h. Robust design in industry market provide you with Safety, Reliability & High Performance.


Williams V Series Plunger Pumps are a line of pneumatic metering pumps that range from 0.27 LPH to 34 LPH and pressures up to 903 BARG


Williams W Series Plunger Pumps base on packed plunger design capable of flows up to 336 LPH and pressures up to 172.36 BARG.



Williams Wilroy Series Hydraulically Diaphragm Pumps is a unique blend of Williams & Milton Roy pump technology utilizing the best features from both designs to create a new robust pump range.


CLD Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Pumps are cost effective, simplicity and safety of a pneumatic metering pump design. Wetted material available 316SS or Teflon material option.


The MK-XIIA Oscillamatic Controller is a pneumatic pulser/timer used to operate the Williams series of pneumatically operated pumps.


KENCO Magna-Site magnetic liquid level indicator used to determine the volume of liquid contained within a vessel. Compatible for high pressure applications & hazardous locations.



KENCO KMD Magnetostrictive Transmitter can measure overall level, interface level & process temperature. This model is also intrinsically safe when used in hazardous locations.



KENCO Armored Level Gauge is a rugged tubular liquid level gauge offers max. impact from mechanical stress & impact. This model offer armored frame & extra glass protection can operate in medium pressure range up to 500 PSI


KENCO Chemical Injectors are designed to inject & properly atomize corrosive chemicals into the turbulent stream of a process system pipeline. Recomended for use in pipelines with a flow-rate velocity of 40 feet per second or less.


KENCO Oil Level Controller are designed to maintain the running oil level in the crankcase of stationary engines. To maintain proper amount of oil level when needed


KENCO Oil Supply Tanks available in 5, 16, 30 and 55 Gallon capacities


KENCO Water Filler Cap Assemblies provide a means of adding or checking fluid in an engine or surge/expansion tank


KENCO Pneumatic Float Switch for monitoring Low or High levels in tank.

KENCO KSF Sight Flow Indicator to enhance the visibility of the media include flappers, rotors & drip tubes


KENCO Full Sight Flow Indicators are used to observe the flow of liquids is piping system. 360 degree visibility provides convenient viewing from any angle.


KENCO 30000 Series Pump Setting Gauge are used to calibrate the flow rate of chemical metering pumps & periodically monitor the performance & accuracy of chemical injection system.


Griffco Borosilicate Glass Calibration Cylinders are designed to enhance the performance of chemical feed systems by providing a verification of flow rate from chemical feed pump.

KOFLO Series 308 Clear PVC Static Mixers are made in standard 6 elements & 12 elements configuration and allows for a visual inspection of the mixing process.


KOFLO Series 275 Stainless Steel Static Mixer in sizes 1/4" - 2" are available in both 304L & 316L stainless steel with either 6 or 12 mixing elements. All mixers are welded into schedule 40 housing and come complete with male NPT threaded ends.


KOFLO Series 328 Gray PVC Static Mixer come with flange end connnection sizes ranging from 1" - 12" this design also come with injection port connection for chemical injector.


KOFLO Series 330 Sanitary Static Mixer are constructed of 316L stainless steel. Mixing elements are available in standard blade or helical design.

FMI Metering pumps and dispensers offer a high degree of accuracy and are utilized in a board range of Medical, Laboratory, Analytical & Industrial Process applications.


DEUBLIN Rotating Unions are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery.


TUTHILL Magnetically Coupled pumps provide a leak free, precise, non pulsing flow for thin fluids. When the pump is combined with electronic controls, it provides users with a high level of accuracy for dosing & metering applications.

Pump Range Overview


P Series Magnetically Coupled Gear Pump

  • External gear pump
  • Differential pressures to 10.3 BAR
  • Viscosities from 0.3 cps to over 10,000cps
  • Flows to 227 L/hr


D Series Magnetically Coupled Gear pump

  • Flow to 458 L/hr
  • Differential pressures 17.2 BAR
  • ATEX approved

T Series Magnetically Coupled Gear Pump

  • Flow to 2460 L/hr
  • Differential pressures 17.2 BAR
  • ATEX Approved